Tenants FAQ

Q. I want to rent one of your properties, how do I secure it?

A. If you put down your deposit then we will hold the property for a week for you whilst you put together your references.  

Q. Why do I need to go through a referencing process?

A. The landlord needs to check that you can afford the rental per month, this is also for your benefit to check that you don’t overstretch your finances.  The landlord also needs the knowledge that you will look after the property.

Q. What if there are problems with my references?

A. We would either ask you to pay the full terms rental upfront or have a Guarantor

Q. What is a Guarantor?

A. A Guarantor is someone who has enough money in their account each month to afford the rental if you default.  They will also be liable for the terms of your lease. 

Q. We are sharing a flat, why does the Guarantor have to guarantee the full rental?

A. The Tenancy Agreement is a joint agreement, therefore the tenants are jointly responsible for the rent and responsibly in the Tenancy Agreement. 

Q. What happens to my deposit?

A. Your deposit is kept with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme, we use Safe Deposit Scotland.  

Q. Can I decorate the property?

A. You would need permission from the landlord for this.  Where permission is given we ask for the property to be professionally decorated and you may be asked to return it back to its original colour at the end of your tenancy. 

Q. What if I accidentally damage the property?

A. Be upfront and we can get it sorted sooner rather than later.  If it is something of significant value then you should claim this from your tenants accidental damage insurance.  If not you should try to sort it before you vacate.  If we have to sort it from your deposit this will take longer.

Q. What if I want to end the tenancy?

A. We generally always require two months notice from the date you move in to a property ie if you move in on the 5th of any month we need your notice before the 5th of any month and then your vacating date would be two months after. 

Q. What if I cant pay my rent?

A. Tell us immediately, you don’t want your arrears accumulating.  We will work something out with you

Q. I have a problem with condensation

A. Please ask us for our condensation guide. Make sure you are heating and ventilating your property, put lids on your pots when cooking, don’t dry your clothes inside, dry down your windows every morning and dry down your shower after use. 

Q. I have no heating and hot water

A. Please check the pressure on your boiler.  If there is no pressure please top up your boiler.

Q. There is no flame on my boiler

A. Please use the ignitor button on your boiler 

Q. My washing machine is moving about when its spinning

A. Please check you haven’t overloaded the appliance. Put in less clothes in your next wash

Q. My electric heating isn't working

A. Please make sure you have your input and boost set correctly. If you have your boost button up you may not get heat, you need to put this down and leave it 24hrs. 

Q. My washing machine smells

A. Try using a wash on a higher temperature. You should run your appliance on a 90 degree wash once a month using soda crystals and no washing inside the drum. 

Q. My vacuum cleaner smells

A. Check your bag is empty.  It may need a new belt. Check you haven’t blocked it with hair, clips etc.

Q. There is a problem with my property but your office is closed. What can I do?

A. Please leave a voicemail on our answer machine with your name, phone number, property address and as much information on the problem as possible and we will try to get back to you asap.