FEBRUARY 21, 2017 | BY Perthshire Property Services
How to fix household issues!

Helping you to fix common household problems!

We are here to help with your repairs however there are some things which you can do at home to help you along the way, it is always best to try these before calling us as we will ask you to try them before a contractor would come out!

Topping up your boiler pressure

The valves can be opened either by tap handles, or by using a flat headed screwdriver. Open both valves to allow the cold mains water into the system. You should hear water filling the system. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge until it reaches 1.5bar, then close of both valves, one after the other. If your system is different please google the manual if you do not have a hard copy. Sometimes YouTube also have step by step videos which are easy to follow,

Tripped Switches

If you have a tripped switch this can be easy to check what is causing the issue. Go to your circit breaker and if one switch has gone from ON to OFF flip it back on. This will restore power to the circuit. If it is a reoccurring problem and an appliance is tripping the switches often and causing them all to go out it is likely a faulty appliance, if the appliance belongs to your landlord give us a call and we will arrange for this to be looked at. If you are unsure check your inventory, it will let you know if it was there when you moved in.

Unblocking Drains 

If you have blocked drains or the water is taking a while to drain just head out and get some drain unblocker. We will ask you to try this before we would get a contractor out so it's best to get it done ASAP. This can also be prevented by only putting water down the sink, be sure not to put anything which can clog the pipes down!


Sometimes appliances can breakdown however it is not always a major fault. A code may appear, like on a boiler or washing machine, and you can easily check the manual to see if it something you can do at home to sort it. It might be the fault code is letting you know to top up the boiler pressure or that your washing machine is too full. If you don't have the manual in the property don't worry because Google has them all!

We are here to help and arrange contractors when necessary but if there is something which can be done at home we would always ask you to try this first :-)