DECEMBER 13, 2016 | BY Perthshire Property Services
Christmas Considerations!

Always Protect the Pipes

Frozen pipes can be a nightmare so make sure you check your heating appliance is working correctly. If youre going to be away from home make sure you leave your heating on low so you dont come home to a cold house and your pipes dont freeze.  


Please make sure you know how to top up the pressure on your boiler if you have a gas boiler.  At this time of year boilers can loose pressure and this leads to boilers switching off. If you dont have a manual a simple google search normally brings up how to top up your pressure


Check your roof for any slipped, cracked or loose tiles.  If you spot any let us know as soon as possible. 


Check your gutters for an signs of debris and leaves that might block pipes.


If youve got an open fire please make sure that this is swept

Smoke Detectors

Please check that your smoke detectors are working correctly.

Stop Cock

Please locate your stop cock, if you dont know where it is please give us a call.


Please make sure you have a torch in case of power cuts and spare bulbs for internal and external lights. 


Please make sure you grit your paths and driveways so you dont fall! 

Increase Fire Risk

Candles, fairy lights, flammable decorations and overloaded electrical extensions can all increase fire risk during the festive season.  Christmas is a special time for celebration and should not end in tragedy.

Fairy Lights -
Check the fuses are the right type (see the box for the manximum size you should use)   
If the bulbs blow - replace them
Dont leave them on when you go out or go to bed
Dont let the bulbs touch anything that can burn easily, like paper
Dont overload sockets

Decorations made out of light tissue paper or cardboard can burn easily
Dont attach them to lights or heaters
Dont put them directly above around fireplaces
Keep them away from candles

Rent Arrears 

Please make sure you balance your finances and your rent is paid up to date, we dont want you out in the cold! 

Noise Abuse

Please make sure you are courteous to your neighbours and treat them like youd like to be treated yourself.  If your neighbours are making a noise then please call the police on 101 or the anti social behaviour team at the council 01738 476173


Please make sure you lock up your home and dont leave gifts on show. Burglaries can be rife at this time of year.

But....overall please make sure you have an amazing festive season!