Landlords FAQ

Q. What if the tenant doesn't pay?

A. We offer rent insurance, if you would like to use this please let us know. 

Q. How do I know how much to rent my property for?

A. We are experts in the market and therefore offer a free rental valuation service so we can advise what you can expect to achieve on a monthly basis. 

Q. What will it cost me to let my property?

A. It depends on how much involvement you want with your property.  We predominantly offer two packages – one which is fully managed and also a tenant find only package.  However we can give you a price for anything you require ie Tenancy Agreement / Inventory only.  Please contact us and we will send you over our Landlords Pack

Q. Why would I use an Agent?

A. For peace of mind and so you can relax. With ever changing legislation we’re here to make sure you complying with everything should be. You never had to worry about your let and it creates a professional distance between yourself and the tenant. 

Q. What happens to my tenants deposit?

A. We register it with a tenancy deposit scheme such as Safe Deposit Scotland.  They are there to protect the deposit and aid with any disputes at the end of the tenancy. 

Q. Why should I have an inventory?

A. We always recommend a detailed inventory so that there is proof at the end of the tenancy, especially if the tenant disputes anything. Our inventories are carried out on ipads and are very detailed including photographs.

Q. What are my obligations if I have gas central heating?

A. You need to have a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate which is carried out by a Gas Safe engineer.  This is required to be renewed every 12 months.  You will also need to have CO2 monitors in the property. 

Q. What are my obligations regarding electrics?

A. You are required to have any portable appliances PAT tested.  You are also required to have the electrics ECIR tested

Q. How do I receive my rental income?

A. We will send you a statement each month detailing the rental income, our commission and any expenses.  We will pay the contractor on your behalf. 

Q. Do I need to pay tax on the rental income?

A. All landlords could be liable for tax and should contact the Inland Revue for more information

Q. Can I enter the property during the tenancy?

A. This would have to be agreed with the tenant

Q. What if the tenant damages the property?

A. The tenant will have to fix the damage or the cost will come out of the deposit.  Fair wear and tear should be allowed.